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EUROPALMS Lily Peace, artificial plant, 49cm

19.900 Ft 16.900 Ft (13.307 Ft + ÁFA)
Szállítási díj: 1.389 Ft
Garancia: 1 év
Raktárkészlet: Raktáron
Cikkszám: 82505660


Everblooming houseplant in a ceramic pot
This elegant houseplant is also known as peace lily, leaf flag, or spathiphyllum. It is used in hotels, residential, office, and commercial premises.As in its natural model, this artificial plant has several shoots close together. These form the bushy-looking horst of the solitary plant. Dark green, glossy leaves provide a particularly beautiful contrast to the white to cream-colored bracts. Five of these decorative inflorescences protrude high from the dense foliage and have a very natural feel due to their soft-touch quality.The artificial plant has a total height of about 60 cm and comes in a decorative ceramic planter covered with artificial moss. Thus, cumbersome potting is no longer necessary.

  • Falls in shape by itself
  • The article is delivered Ready to stand
  • Suitable for protected outdoor areas
  • With greencolored lifelike leaves
  • approx. 5 cremecolored beautifully flowers


Setup Falls in shape by itself
Standing/fixation Design planter covered with moss
Foliage Material:EVA soft plast
Flowers Pieces:approx. 5 pc/pcs
Color creme
P(material )EVA soft plast
Decor style Houseplant
Dimensions Height:60 cm
Weight 840 g
Dimensions Height:11,5 cm
Diameter Ø 12 cm
19.900 Ft 16.900 Ft
Evergreen houseplant for classy decorations
4.690 Ft 4.190 Ft
Extremly realistic plant which falls into shape by itself
6.390 Ft 5.490 Ft
Caladium plant with leaves of high quality PEVA
17.900 Ft 14.900 Ft
Orchid in decorative pot
14.900 Ft 12.900 Ft
Orchid with cream-colored flowers in a natural stone optic decorative pot
35.900 Ft 29.900 Ft
Bird of paradise flower made of high-quality PEVA


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