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94.900 Ft (74.724 Ft + ÁFA)
Szállítási díj: Ingyenes
Garancia: 2 év
Raktárkészlet: Raktáron
Cikkszám: 41700540


Bright Uplight with 4 x 8 W 4in1 LED and QuickDMX transceiver

  • Compact and bright
  • Equipped with 4 x 8 W QCL LED in red, green, blue and white
  • With integrated QuickDMX transmitter/receiver for the wireless transmission of DMX512 signals
  • Operation via mains connection or built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with up to 9.5 hours operating time
  • Integrated automatic charging of the battery with indicator
  • Functions: static colors, stepless RGBW color mixture, internal programs, dimmer, strobe effect with variable speed
  • Dimmer speed (step response) adjustable
  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity
  • With integrated folding foot for angled placement by floor installation
  • Addressing via control panel with 4-digit LED display
  • P-Con terminals for power linking up to 8 units
  • LED: 4 x high-power 8 W 4in1 QCL RGBW (homogenous color mix)
  • Can be operated in 3; 4; 6; 8; 10 CH mode
  • The device is cooled by passive cooling by convection
  • Controling by Master/slave function; IR remote control; DMX; QuickDMX built-in; Sound to light via Microphone; Stand-alone
  • Flicker-free projection


Power supply 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 50 W
IP classification IP20
Power connection Battery/battery pack
Mains input P-Con (blue), mounting version Power supply cord with safety plug (provided)
Power output 1 x P-Con (gray), mounting version
Battery pack Battery operation up to 9,5h depending on program used
Recharging time 3h
Lamp type LED lamp
LED 4 x high-power 8 W 4in1 QCL RGBW (homogenous color mix)
DMX channels 3; 4; 6; 8; 10
DMX input 1 x 3-pin XLR (M) mounting version IP
DMX output 1 x 3-pin XLR (F) mounting version IP
Cooling Passive convection
Control DMX; Stand-alone; QuickDMX built-in; IR remote control; Sound to light via Microphone; Light J Software; EASY SHOW; LED EASY OPERATOR 4x4; LED EASY OPERATOR 4x6; LED EASY OPERATOR DELUXE
Beam angle 22°
Beam angle (1/2 peak) 22°
Beam angle (1/10 peak) 32°
Housing color Black
Carrier frequency 2,4 GHz
Dimensions Width:16,7 cm
Depth 13,8 cm
Height 18,8 cm
Weight 3,59 kg
Noise classification Class 0 (no noise at all)
Remote control
Battery pack type 1 x lithium ion 14,8 V, 7800 mAh, 115,44 Wh
Battery 1 x Button cell 3.0 V CR2032 lithium manganese built-in
Legal specifications
Ecodesign regulation yes
Special product Not designed for household room illumination
intended use show effect lighting

Youtube videók

402.900 Ft
4 uplights with battery, without cable, in flightcase
373.900 Ft
Battery-powered LED Uplight with QuickDMX wireless receiver


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