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19.900 Ft (15.669 Ft + ÁFA)
Szállítási díj: 1.389 Ft
Garancia: 1 év
Raktárkészlet: Raktáron
Cikkszám: 41700330


Rechargeable outdoor lamp with warm white light and 8 RGB colors

  • Two white light modes
  • Manual color selection and fading colors
  • Comfortable control via pull switch
  • Battery operation up to 40h
  • 4 powerful LEDs SMD 5050 3in1 TCL RGB (homogenous color mix)
  • 9 powerful LEDs 0,2 W SMD 2835 warm white (WW)
  • The device is cooled by passive convection cooling
  • Controlling by on/off switch on device
  • Good color rendering index (CRI)
  • Suitable for outdoor use IP44
  • For application areas such as: Party room; restaurants, bars and hotels

Package contents

  • 1 x light effect, 1 x uSB cable, 1 x stand, 1 x board, 1 x user manual




Power supply 3,7 V DC
IP classification IP44
Protection class Class III
Nominal wattage 1,8 W
Power connection Mains input via USB C (F) mounting version power supply cord for USB A mains connection (provided)
Battery pack type 2 x lithium ion 3,7 V, 1800 mAh, 6,66 Wh
Battery pack Battery operation up to 40h
Lamp type LED lamp
LED 4 x SMD 5050 3in1 TCL RGB (homogenous color mix)
9 x 0,2 W SMD 2835 warm white (WW)
Color temperature 3000K
Cooling Passive convection cooling
Control On/off switch on device
Color rendering index (CRI) 83 Ra
Luminous flux 200 lm
Housing color Semi-transparent; white
Status LED Power, charge level
Dimensions Height:26,5 cm
Diameter Ø 15,3 cm
Weight 720 g
Energy efficiency class (A - G) F
Material Metal, 2,5 mm
Color Silvergrey
Dimensions Diameter:Ø 15 cm
Material Metal
Color Silvergrey
Dimensions Height:12 cm
Diameter Ø 1,9 cm
USB cable
Cable length Approx. 0,8 m
Color White

Youtube videók

8.690 Ft
Battery-powered LED Moodlight with touch function and RGB + WW LEDs


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