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PSSO QCA-10000 MK2 4-Channel SMPS Amplifier

795.900 Ft 668.900 Ft (526.693 Ft + ÁFA)
Szállítási díj: Ingyenes
Garancia: 3 év garancia
Raktárkészlet: Szállítás alatt
Cikkszám: 10451698
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Class I multi-channel PA amplifier with SMPS, 4 x 2500 W RMS (2 ohms), 4 x 2100 W RMS (4 ohms)
4-channel PA Amplifiers with Integrated SMPS The 4-channel PA amplifiers of the QCA series offer ultra-high output power paired with a low weight and small overall height. The amplifiers use a patented second-generation Class I output circuitry which combines the high efficiency off Class D and the sound quality of Class A. Featuring a modern switch-mode power supply, the amplifiers provide up to 10 kW peak power and weigh less than 14 kg. This makes the series particularly attractive for mobile applications. The amplifiers can be used flexibly in stereo operation, parallel operation or in mono bridge operation. Extensive protective circuits will protect the amplifiers and the speakers connected.

  • 4-channel PA amplifier with class I circuitry
  • Low weight and height due to integrated switch mode power supply
  • Reliable power amp with high impulse stability for a wide range of applications (e.g. compact PAs, multi-way PAs, concerts)
  • 3 operating modes can be selected (stereo, parallel or bridged)
  • Level control per channel
  • Input sensitivity adjustable
  • LED VU meter and LEDs for activated protective circuit (protect) and overload (clip) per channel
  • Electronically balanced inputs via XLR mounting jacks, with XLR feed-through outputs
  • Speaker outputs via lockable Speaker plugs
  • Rugged steel chassis with aluminum front panel
  • Highly efficient Air flow from front to rear
  • The device is cooled by temperature-controlled fan
  • Built with NEUTRIK connector
  • (19") 48.3 cm rack installation 2 U
  • For application areas such as: Clubs/dancing school; Installation; mobile use; mobile djs / entertainer; restaurants, bars and hotels; Rental; sports centres/gyms

Package contents

  • 1 x amplifier, 1 x cover, 4 x foot, 1 x user manual




Power supply 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption 1150 W 1/8 power
Protection class Protection class I
Output power 4 x 2500 W RMS (2 ohms)
4 x 2100 W RMS (4 ohms)
4 x 1300 W RMS (8 ohms)
2 x 5000 W RMS bridged (4 ohms)
2 x 4200 W RMS bridged (8 ohms)
Power connection Fixed power supply cord with safety plug
Cable length 1,5 m
Frequency range 20 - 20000 Hz
S/N ratio >80 dB
THD <0,05 % at 1 kHz
Cooling 3 x temperature-controlled fan , Air flow from front to rear
Impedance Input:20 kOhm , bal.
Input 10 kOhm , unbal.
Gain 40,3 dB/ 0,775 V
38 dB/ 1,0 V
35,1 dB/ 1,4 V
Circuitry Class I
Slew rate >10 V/µs
Damping factor >800
Crosstalk >65 dB
Control elements Power switch, level control per channel, mode switch (stereo/parallel/bridged), Input sensitivity switch
Controls Overheat; overload; short-circuit; softstart; DC voltage; VHF
Status LED Power, level meter, clip, protect
Connections Input:line via 4 x 3-pin XLR (F) mounting version
Output line via 4 x 3-pin XLR (M) mounting version
Output speaker via 4 x speaker built-in socket (F)
Input sensitivity 0,775 V; 1,0 V; 1,4 V , switchable; 26 dB; 32 dB; 38 dB , switchable
Use of brands Built with NEUTRIK connector
Color Black
Housing design (19") 48.3 cm rack installation 2 U
Dimensions Width:48,3 cm
Depth 44,5 cm
Height 8,9 cm
Weight 13,90 kg


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