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EUROLITE LED MSB-15 Mini Single Ball

10.900 Ft (8.583 Ft + ÁFA)
Szállítási díj: 1.389 Ft
Garancia: 2 év
Raktárkészlet: Raktáron
Cikkszám: 51812260
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You are looking for the perfect light effect for a small room or club? The Mini Single Ball by Eurolite offers a rotating disco ball with a total of six LEDs emitting light in all directions.The ball rotates around its axis while producing colorful light and projecting it into the room through the faceted surface. The MSB-15 does not require any setup: Just plug it in and enjoy the show! The modern LED technology also makes for a particularly low energy consumption which makes the ball perfectly suitable for frequent use.The housing is made of particularly light plastic so you can transport your own little pocket LED disco from A to B in no time. If you are looking for an atmospheric light effect without extensive setup, the MSB-15 is the right choice!

Simple light effect with rotating ball incl. E-14 LED lamp

  • The housing rotates around its own axis
  • 18 rotations per minute
  • Bright, intensive colors
  • For standing installation
  • Low power consumption
  • For 1 x E-14 lamp with 6 LEDs (included in the delivery)
  • Ready for use via power cord with Euro plug, with integrated on/off switch
  • Ideal for party-rooms, small discotheques or mobile DJs
  • Controling by Stand-alone
  • Effect: Multi beam effect


EAN 4026397532289
Package volume 0.007452
Power supply 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption 4.2 W
IP classification IP20
Protection class Protection class II
Power connection Fixed Power supply cord with Euro plug
Rotation 18 RPM
Control Stand-alone
Housing color Black
Width 19 cm
Height 23 cm
Depth 17 cm
Weight 0.61 kg
Legal specifications
Ecodesign regulation Yes
Special product Not designed for household room illumination
Purpose Show effect lighting

Youtube videók

8.499 Ft
Simple light effect with rotating cylinder incl. E-14 LED lamp
15.900 Ft
Simple light effect with rotation around 2 axis with RGB colors


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