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EUROLITE LED D-2000 Beam Effect

60.900 Ft (47.953 Ft + ÁFA)
Szállítási díj: Ingyenes
Garancia: 2 év
Raktárkészlet: Raktáron
Cikkszám: 51918317


The LED D-2000 Beam Effect by Eurolite comes equipped with 5 high-performance 10-watt LEDs in the colors red, green, blue, amber and white creating dynamic strobe and derby effects. The LED D-2000 works with 3 preset programs. In the automatic mode, the preset light programs are played fully automatically without any further adjustments on your part. Alternatively, you can choose the sound-controlled mode via the built-in microphone with adjustable sensitivity. You can also operate multiple devices in sync using the master/slave mode. Apart from the preset programs, the LED D-2000 can also be controlled via 5 or 9 DMX channels. For the addressing and settings (such as the color selection for 15 mixed colors, color changes, fade effects or dimmer effects) you can either use the 4-digit LED display and operating buttons on the rear of the device or the supplied IR remote control. What is more, the LED D-2000 is compatible with QuickDMX, the wireless DMX system by Eurolite. A phantom-powered USB port for a wireless transmission of the DMX signal through a QuickDMX receiver can be found on the rear of the device.

Extremely bright Derby with 5 x 10 W LED in R,G,B,A,W

  • Absolute eyecatcher
  • 5 x 10 W LED in the color red, green, blue, amber and white for dynamic strobe and derby effects
  • Direct color selection for 15 preset colors
  • DMX control via every standard DMX controller
  • 3 built-in auto and music show programs
  • The colorful beams change their direction of movement at every bass-beat in sound controlled mode
  • Addressing and setting via control panel with 4-digit LED display
  • Supports QuickDMX - the wireless DMX system from Eurolite
  • Built-in phantom-powered USB port for QuickDMX receivers (accessories)
  • Convenient wireless control via included IR remote control EUROLITE IR-7
  • Function: static color, auto mode, interne programs, color change, color fade, dimmer and strobe effect
  • Locking possibility at the mounting bracket
  • IEC terminals for power linking up to 8 units
  • Switch-mode power supply for operation between 100 and 240 volts
  • LED: 5 x high-power 10 W RGBWA
  • Can be operated in 5; 9 CH mode
  • The device is cooled by cooling fan
  • Controling by QuickDMX via USB (optional); Stand-alone; Sound to light via Microphone; IR remote control included; DMX; Master/slave function


Power supply 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 60 W
LED 5 x high-power 10 W RGBWA
Flash rate 0 - 20 Hz
DMX channels 5; 9
DMX input 3-pin XLR (M) mounting version
DMX output 3-pin XLR (F) mounting version
Cooling Cooling fan
Control Stand-alone; DMX; QuickDMX via USB (optional); Sound to light via Microphone; IR remote control included; Master/slave function; Light J Software; EUROLITE LED PC-Control 512 software; EASY SHOW
Beam angle 70°
Beam angle (1/2 peak) 70°
Housing color Black
Display type 4 digits 7-segment LED display
Dimensions Length:29,0 cm
Width 28,5 cm
Height 20,0 cm
Weight 2,70 kg
Noise classification Class 3 (clearly perceptible sounds)
Legal specifications
Ecodesign regulation yes
Special product Not designed for household room illumination
intended use show effect lighting

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